Represent the ILF!

The ILF community is present in all continents. We are proud of our internationality and want to encourage people to study in one place, to work in another...

We aim at creating a global ILF Network to provide prospective & current students, possible employers and interested third parties a contact person in each continent.

Be the voice of the ILF! Contact us if you're interested in being a ILF ambassador for your country!


Become An ILF Mentor!

Since its inception the Institute for Law and Finance has gone from strength to strength reaching new highs, even during challenging times. Our aim over our next period of growth is to enhance the connection and community of our ILF Alumni.

We are excited to announce a new initiative, the ILF Alumni Mentor program.  

This mentorship scheme aims to connect our diverse, global and knowledgeable alumni with current students to share their wisdom and insight from an academic, professional and personal perspective. We endeavor to build lasting relationships both in the classroom and off campus and through this mentor program those networks and connections may develop and deepen during the academic year and beyond.

Interested in becoming an ILF Mentor for the Winter Semester (Nov – Mar) 2020/21? Contact Ms. Jennifer Barnett to learn more.