In continental Europe the ILF is the first institute that provides academic education in banking. It is a leader in education and research, thanks to the generosity of its sponsors, alumni, and friends.

We invite you to take a moment and learn how you can help support our efforts to build up and strengthen an international network in law and finance.

Investing Time

Giving back is not only a question of funds. The reputation of the ILF is a benefit for all ILF graduates, current and future students. There are many ways to develop the awareness of the ILF and its LL.M Degrees.

  • be involved in the promotion of the ILF Alumni program (see Volunteer)
  • testify to the quality of the degree
  • help other ILF graduates to find an appropriate internship, job or professional networking opportunity
  • let your firm know about us

Investing in Study Conditions

Our move in the House of Finance represents a first step towards excellent study conditions. You can help us improving, for instance to keep our library up to date or to provide to the future students all technology they need.

Investing in People

We are providing a high level education to high level students. But you surely remember that some of your classmates needed financial support. What about helping an excellent student to study at the ILF?

Investing in the ILF Community

Lifelong learning opportunities or homecoming event allow ILF graduates to stay in touch while developing their sense of community and connection. Support us to help the ILF community to meet regularly! Are you interested in hosting an alumni event or assisting with planning a reunion event?

Get in touch with us here.