ILF Ambassador Directory

What is an ILF Ambassador?

As our alumni network grows, the ILF is aiming to provide points of contact across major cities for graduates after their journey at the ILF ends or as their careers continue across the globe. We are looking for volunteers to be ambassadors in their current location to be a source of information regarding networking opportunities, general location information or current market updates.  

How do I sign up to become an ILF Ambassador? 

Thank you for your interest! Please contact our Alumni Manager Ms. Jennifer Barnett on barnett(a) with short overview on your current employment and / or if you are undertaking any further education. Please also include your career to date, your education background, your personal interests and an brief overview of yourself. Once received the ILF will be in touch to discuss further.

How would individuals be aware I am a location ambassador?  

Through the ILF Alumni webpage, we have a secure login to our Alumni Platform. Logins are provided only to alumni of the ILF. Here we would have a dedicated Ambassador page with your information detailing your location, sector, employment and contact details.

How long can I be an ILF Ambassador for?

We would be looking for those willing to be available for a minimum of 12 months.  

What will ILF Alumni contact me regarding?

On our Alumni website under your ambassador profile we will provide a list of topics you are happy to help or discuss with our alumni. You can select as many options as you wish. The topics include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Local location information
  • Sector specific insights and market updates
  • Job opportunities

Will my information be secure?

Yes, our alumni website is password protected and is only accessible with details provided from the ILF. If you do not have your logins please contact Jennifer Barnett on barnett(a) who will be happy to assist.

I no longer have time to be an ILF Ambassador, what happens then?

If your circumstances change, that’s no problem, please email barnett(a) to provide an update.